Te es pustula in corpore Christi

Note to self. Do not spend idle moments surfing the Catholic blogosphere when you are feeling sensitive.

The phenomenon of a Catholic ultra-Right amongst young people is generally just weird. Occasionally, it ascends from weirdness to being reprehensible. That we got from the Sermon on the Mount to Christian support for Franco’s African army murdering and raping its way across Spain is testimony to the deep-rootedness of original sin. That tweedy types from ancient universities can smooch pietistically about fascism is, on the other hand, simply testimony to human stupidity.

Here endeth the rant..



4 Responses to “Te es pustula in corpore Christi”

  1. berenike Says:

    You going to be in London to stop the intimidation of worshippers at Westminster Cathedral by anti-Catholic demonstrators this Sunday?

  2. rosamundi Says:

    I had that site in my blogroll, because I like the pretty pictures. I confess, I hadn’t seen that post. I have updated my blogroll accordingly – thank you.

  3. Simon Says:

    Berenike, I’ll be in London. But I’ll be at a Dominican meeting.
    Rosamundi, yes, the pictures are pretty!

  4. Simon Says:

    Ah, I’ve just googled this protest. As far as it goes, I’m profoundly sympathetic to the suggestion that the Church should not exercise political power – albeit from a diametrically opposed perspective from the likes of the National Secular Society. We are followers of a self-emptying God who ‘offered no resistance’. This protest, however, will: (a.) Intimidate worshippers, (b.) Alienate those Catholics who are prone to be sympathetic to separation of church and state, and (c.) Strengthen the position of those Catholics who are not.
    It is also idiocy of the highest order for people who (in most cases, I suspect) do not protest against the visits of heads-of-state with gallons of blood on their hands, to protest against the Pope’s visit. To some extent, it shows just how deeply the Ditchinsesque world-view, for which religion is the root of all evil, has gained a foothold. (Atheism: the opiate of the bourgeoisie.) Mostly though, it’s just good old-fashioned anti-Catholic prejudice.

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