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McCabe lecture on-line

May 30, 2010

Exciting times. Lyndon Shakespeare writes on Facebook’s Herbert McCabe Appreciation Society (of which I am admin):

I have been provided by Brian Davies with several unpublished lectures by Herbert that he gave on Aquinas and the sacraments. I would like to convince Professor Davies to have the lectures published. I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. To aid in your reflection, I have uploaded the first…

And here it is.

Lyndon further says:

If interest in generated through this first lecture, then the case of having the whole lot published is strengthened.

Let’s hope.

I’m not dead

May 29, 2010

Well, my initial intention of posting fortnightly didn’t work out so well did it? A hefty blend of academic visiting, illness and politics* have kept me away from this blog for over a month. Normal service will, I hope, be resumed soon. In the meantime, some Herbert McCabe for Trinity Sunday:

For real absolute waste of time you have to go to prayer. I reckon that more than 80 per cent of our reluctance to pray consists precisely in our dim recognition of this and our neurotic fear of wasting time, of spending part of our life in something that in the end gets you nowhere, something that is not merely non-productive, non-money-making, but is even non-creative, it doesn’t even have the justification of art and poetry. It is an absolute waste of time, it is a sharing of the waste which is the interior life of the Godhead. God is not himself productive or creative. Sure he takes time to throw off creation, to make something, to achieve something, but the real interior life of the Godhead is not in creation, it is the life of love that is the Trinity, the procession of Son from Father and of the Spirit from this exchange. God is not first of all our creator or maker, he is love, and his life is not like the life of the worker or artist but of lovers wasting time with each other uselessly. It is into this worthless activity that we enter in prayer. This, in the end, is what makes sense of it.

*The election. The results of which we Do Not Speak About.