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Hello world

November 13, 2009

Well, this is my new blog. Swanky isn’t it?

This is primarily going to be my `things religious and political’ blog. I already have a `things philosophical’ blog here.  I am starting the blog with something of a feeling of trepidation. The Catholic blogosphere has more than its share of emetically pietistic gooey mush. The political blogosphere has more than its share of earnest well-meaning rantiness. I live in perpetual fear of perpetrating either. I’ve started blogs in the past, only to delete them under suspicion of guilt on one or both counts. If this blog looks in danger of either, it will not be spared.

To expand on what I see this blog as being for; I will post – once a fortnight initially – reflections from a perspective that is Catholic and politically radical. I am a convert to Catholicism, of one and a bit years’ standing. Prior to that I was an Anglican. Within the Catholic Church, I feel particularly drawn to the Dominican tradition, with its combination of a sense of the mystery of God and a solid incarnational focus, along with its respect for human intellect. I am in the early stages of exploring becoming a lay Dominican. Politically, I am a libertarian socialist. I am convinced that these two aspects of my life have room to interact fruitfully. How they might do so is very much work in progress. I certainly want to resist any suggestion that credal Christianity is antithetical to radical social change. I am a great fan of the work of Herbert McCabe, and a supporter of the Catholic Worker movement. Whilst an Anglican, I located myself within the Anglo-Catholic socialist tradition, from which I continue to learn.

I am a graduate student in philosophy. My primary work is on logic and the philosophy of mathematics. I do also have a sort of interest in philosophy of religion, and might post something about that here if I ever think it is relevant. Sadly, I doubt this will happen. I dislike a lot of contemporary philosophy of religion. Far too much time is spent defending a caricature of God, the existence of which no sane person would countenance for more than a moment. Basically, the God of many theistic philosophers is a kind of super-powerful person, much like you and me only with added super-powers. Without any suggestion of irony, this position is often described as ‘classical theism’. Which it isn’t. When theistic philosophers stray into philosophical theology, far too often they do so on the basis of a biblical literalism I cannot understand any intelligent person assenting to. Which rant serves to justify why, in spite of being both religious and philosopher, I am not a philosopher of religion.

What this blog will not be used for is personal navel-gazing or the facilitation of digital voyeurism. If you want to know about me, over and above what I post here, ask. Potted off-topic details follow, no more will publicly: my main interest is my work (I’m very lucky in this respect), I drink phenomenal amounts of black coffee, I like playing and performing music of most types, I enjoy messing around with computers (and am a Linux advocate), I have Asperger Syndrome (this, just conceivably, might warrant a post in as much as it interacts with church life), am separated (ditto), and I live in London, UK.

The blog’s title is from a Martyn Joseph song. It captures nicely the dual convictions that God is both beyond our capacity to comprehend, and yet cares for us.